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ὁ δου̑ λοѕ λϵλυταɩ ὑπò του̑ δϵσπό του αὐτου

1999, 2000 – College San Antony – Agudos – SP.

2004 – Paschal Candles VSB. Since 2004 to 2009. Factory of greater production in Brazil. Pioneer in exported for the Europe.

2005 – Pioneer Brazilian guy with Paschal Candles in the Vatican

2008 – Invited to two Italian Academies.

2009 – Class of the Anatomy, anatomy proportion, golden ratio, sculpture in marble in Florence..

2010 – Art Hall in Barcelona, Rome, Florence, e Venice with the sculpture “La Madonna”.

2011 – Art Academy Hall Stockholm and Florence with work “A Desconhecida”.

2012, 2013 – Restoration in 70% of the Parish of Archdiocese of Ribeirão Preto – SP.

2014 – Pioneer Artist of movement of the Hyperrealism in Brazil.

2015 – Acquisition Award in Beauty Art Hall with work “Mestre Cuteleiro”

– selected in Beauty Art Hall (Piracicaba – SP) with work “Briar em Arte”.

– selected with work of the Hyperrealism “Da Arte à Morte”..

– First Paint in 1ª Church Hyper realistic of Brazil and World.

2016 – Sculpture Hyperrealism Pope John Paul II for Krakow.

– First two sculptures Hyperrealism for Catholic Church in Brazil.

2017 – Work "Peixe no Papel" selected in the III Watercolor Hall in Brazil.

– Will take the first Course Of Winter of the Brazil in Campos do Jordão - SP